A Holiday of Freedom

I live in a bubble. I don’t read newspapers or watch the news. I tend to avoid any mention of unpleasantness in the world, even walking away if people start a conversation about world tragedies near me. But though I live in a bubble, somewhere in my consciousness, for the past five-and-a-half years, there was always the knowledge that Gilad Shalit was in the hands of Hamas and not yet returned home.

I found out about the agreement to return Gilad home on facebook. One of my friends wrote, “the holiday has become a Holiday of Freedom.” Another wrote her best wishes to Gilad and his family. Many others wrote about their happiness that a deal has come through.

My curiosity awake, I looked on Ynet to see what was going on. For the first time in a year and a half, I read, Gilad’s family are re-entering their home. For the past year and a half they have been living in a tent outside the government building in Jerusalem, letting the world know they are not giving up until Gilad is home.

And now he’s coming home. Gilad, I wish you health, happiness and hope. I wish you the ability to look forward instead of back. I wish you wings to soar over the publicity and find peace.

And to all of us, have a wonderful, wonderful holiday of Freedom! Hag Herut Sameach!

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