Meditation for Beginners

Learn to meditate in an energizing and caring atmosphere

In numerous studies, mindfulness meditation has been shown to:

    •   Improve focus and concentration
    •   Reduce stress levels 
    •   Increase emotional well-being 
    •   Boost happiness levels  
    •   Strengthen neural pathways in the brain

In this class on the foundational principles of mindfulness, we will learn to observe our breath, body sensations, feelings and thoughts so we can better respond to life’s demands from a place of inner wisdom and kindness. No previous experience is necessary.

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Meditation for Beginners

On-going class at 3249 Alpine Rd, Portola Valley meets every Thursday, 11am-11:50am.

Rate: $10 members/$15 non-members — Everyone welcome!
This class is suited specifically for beginners, but all levels are welcome.

Call or email Sigal for more details! (650) 815-5109.

About your instructors: 

Julie is a yoga and mindfulness instructor, with a passion for helping individuals live life awake in the body, mind and spirit. Julie brings a unique perspective to mindfulness based on her many years as a lawyer at a large Silicon Valley law firm. Her decision to teach mindfulness was motivated by the immense shift in health and happiness she experiences when she started meditating years ago. She now hopes to inspire others to make the same shift as she shares her love for this practice. 

Sigal is a meditator, story-teller, and a passionate hiker and backpacker. Meditation changed her life, allowing her to experience peace and happiness. She is a playful and engaging teacher, who believes the best way to take up something new is to make it fun. 







“I was intrigued and inspired enough to continue some of the meditations.”

“I would take this class again if offered.”

“Sigal is very organized and helped us see how the practice met our intentions starting out.”

Reasons students give for taking the Beginning Meditation Class:

“I wanted to learn a less “knee jerk” way of dealing with the world.”

“Every day I felt full of anxiety, trying to finish tasks and take care of kids. I wanted to slow down and feel more present in my life, set intentions for my day and be more mindful of my thoughts, words, and actions.”


“I wanted to gain inner peace and wisdom.”

“Hoping it would help me sleep better, be healthier.”

“Find more peace and happiness in my life.”

Sigal Tzoore (650) 815-5109